Elliotts fancy dress pimp costumes are a fun mix of over the top clothing with a touch of dazzle. They have a Big Daddy and a Big Momma version of extravagant clothing for expressing the inner pimp in anyone daring enough to wear them. With hundreds of styles and new identities to play with, Elliotts helps people find their creative new identities. Children have a choice between being a fairy princess or a maniacal pirate. Adults have the same choices, but they can also be a sheik dressed in long flowing robes or a movie star dressed to walk down a runway.

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Getting to play in a pimp costume can be a different experience for most adults. Elliotts fancy dress pimp costume for men have a deep red plush coat with a touch of zebra print at the folds of the cuffs of the pants. The black and white stripes bring out the wide lapels making up the collar of the jacket. Only the most stylish pimp would consider adding a walking cane and big gold rings to his already hard to ignore suit. The Big Momma pimp custom fits tight. Lime green top with a deep purple mini skirt. No one could ignore the woman in her pimp custom who enters the party with her Big Daddy pimp on her arm. At costume parties, people love the over the top look that most do not get to see on an ordinary day.

Costumes are fun to put together, but sometimes it helps to have a person who knows what they are doing. Individuals often have a hard time pulling together the look they are after. Having it already in place can help make a splash at whatever function they want to attend. This is especially true when dealing with period identities. The right costume can make a difference between spending time explaining what the wearer is trying to do or getting a chance to play with the identity.

Have a child who wants to be a stylish bat or an adult who wants to be an Arabian thief; it pays to help have someone to consult with. Elliotts fancy dress pimp costumes are only a tip of the iceberg at what can be found on their website. Relax and enjoy the party, dance with the pirate or flirt with the movie queen. Is that not what costume parties are for?