Going on a first date with a lady can be a stressful time, should you bring flowers? Where will you take her? Do you have enough interesting things to say to her? We can’t help you with any of that, but if you need help with what to wear, you’ve come to the right place!

First Date Outfit


Most dates start or end at a restaurant and choosing what to wear depends on how up-class the venue is. If, for example, you reserved a table at the Ritz, a classy suit is in-order, but if it’s the local ‘Golden Arches’ you’d be a tad overdressed for the occasion. A good tip is to ask the establishment what the dress code is. If it’s a classy affair, make sure your shoes are top-notch, as women often check these as an indicator of your affluence.

Obviously, not everyone can find quality designer shoes by Nicholas Deakins at their local shoe shop, but try and invest in a good pair of kicks.

The Movies

The second most popular venue for a first date is the movie theatre. The same rules apply here too. If you’re attending a movie premiere at a world famous cinema then by all means, dress smart, but if it’s just your local, you’ll look a little out of place. Watching a movie is supposed to be a time to relax in each other’s company, so casual wear is the norm.


While not as popular as dinner or the movies, more and more young couples are meeting at nightclubs. Obviously wearing a suit here is definitely not the most sensible choice to make, as you want to be free to ‘bust-a-move’ or two. Try wearing something casual while still looking smart. A well ironed, crisp looking shirt goes a long way. Try not to go too baggy in the trouser department. You need room for movement, but you don’t want to end up looking like MC Hammer.


It may surprise you how many first dates involve nothing but a meticulously planned walk. Many guys pin their hopes on the fact that because they spent ages choosing the correct route it’ll make their date feel like she went on a magical adventure and instantly fall in love. While this may or may not happen, don’t go overboard by wearing a suit. It will come off like you’re trying too hard. There’s a fine line here, because you want to seem like the smart ‘man-about-town’ type but not desperate. A simple adjustment like ditching your jacket and tie, or not tucking in your shirt can help you achieve that look which can only be classed as the higher end of smart-casual.

Follow these rules and you’ll be impressing your better half in no time. Remember, the key is not to overdress. If you look like you’re not trying too hard, it will put your date at ease, but you don’t want to go so casual that she thinks you’re a slob. Mix and match smart and casual clothing items to create the perfect look.