Custom face masks for sports fans and teams are a new fashion trend


With the world slowly and partially returning to its normal conditions, still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, several industries have been permitted to remain open. The sports industry has been one of them. As long as proper precautionary guidelines are followed, sports that require players to come in close physical contact are now being played. Even fans can visit the match venues with a decreased seat occupancy percentage.

The players cannot wear masks with their team uniforms as they play. But the other administrators, team managers, and the rest of the personnel around them have to wear masks. This primary reason has driven several teams to order customized team face masks. In turn, the items have also become popular fan merchandise.

Custom face masks as a part of the uniform:

Sports uniforms have come a long way, both as fashion statements and performance-enhancing apparel. Some have gone through dramatic changes, while some held onto their heritage. Everyone adapts to these constant changes, the teams and the fans alike.

Throughout history, it has been seen that while the basic colors remained the same, the cuts, patterns, and aesthetic of the team uniforms changed, keeping in step with the fashion of the time. In recent times, for attending any events outside the play, all the players and their team personnel are needed to wear a face mask to prevent viral infection. Therefore, it’s only natural for the teams to have customized masks to go with their jerseys and team colors. Just like the jersey and sleeve patch sponsors, teams might also start having face mask sponsors soon.

Customization of masks for school and local teams:

Certain school and local activity centers are opening up as infection rates drop and people are vaccinated. With new tournament schedules, the team uniforms need to be tweaked to fit the moment’s need. Customized face masks for sports teams and fans come in both gaiter-style and behind-the-ear forms. Here are some points to keep in mind while ordering customized sports face masks:

Using the team colors:

Schools or local teams usually have easily discernible colors, also used on the players’ jerseys. A team’s fans appearing in the same colors lifts the players’ spirits and is a source of intimidation for the opposition. So, having masks in the same colors will solidify this. The patterns and accent colors appearing on the jerseys should also be matched on the mask. These can become geometric patterns like stripes, checks, or hatching styles against the base color of the mask.

Putting in the mascot or logo:

Each school has its distinct crest or logo, which often appears on the school jersey. The same symbol can be used for designing the mask. Crests usually have a very detailed design which is most suited against a plain base of solid color, while simpler logos can go well against patterned backgrounds.

Opting for the dye sublimation technique:

The dye sublimation technique helps the manufacturer to make low-cost customized face masks in bulk. It requires no extra charges for fill-in orders.


Sports uniforms provide maximum comfort to the players while being stylish enough for the fans to purchase them and show their support and solidarity. Face masks in team colors are rapidly gaining traction and becoming a fashion trend in the sports world.

Abbey Dalius

The author Abbey Dalius