Few Simple Steps to Prevent Body Odor

Everybody sweats. It’s normal when it’s hot, while working out, or even when you’re nervous. However, nobody likes to combine sweat with a foul smell. It happens to everyone, but there are a few ways to make bad body odor disappear.

Use Antiperspirant or Deodorant

Not all deodorants are suitable for you. You’ve probably tried multiple ones that have failed you. The solution? Keep an eye on the ingredients and find a deodorant that’s suitable for you.

An antiperspirant or a deodorant helps prevent body odor if you apply them in the morning and before bedtime. However, you have to wash up before applying them, as using deodorant or antiperspirant without doing so could make the smell worse.

Shower with Antibacterial Soap

Did you know that sweat is odorless? So why is there an unpleasant smell associated with sweating? It’s due to the bacteria build-up on your skin that breaks down proteins and fatty acids, leading to body odor.

One of the keys to decreasing body odor is using antibacterial soap. Antibacterial soap removes the bacteria responsible for body odor if you wash thoroughly. To avoid the build-up of bacteria, make sure to dry yourself properly after a shower.

Wash and Change Your Clothes

If you’re sweating, you might want to freshen up and change your clothes to decrease the chance of developing body odor. Make sure to wash that shirt immediately, as wearing the same unclean shirt leads to an unpleasant smell. Therefore, it’s important to wash your clothes frequently.

Another tip to keep in mind to decrease unpleasant smells is wearing a base layer to cover your armpits and prevent sweat from reaching your sweater.

Watch Your Diet

You are what you eat, and your body odor is affected by certain food like spicy foods, garlic, onions, caffeine, and more. For instance, coffee leads to excessive sweating. What is the solution? Keep an eye on what you eat. Just follow a mindful, balanced diet.

Other Ways to Prevent Body Odor

There are a few more things you could do to prevent smelly armpits. They include:

  • Shaving/Waxing: Removing hair from your body could help reduce the smell as having exposed skin area will make cleaning more effective, thus eliminating bacteria.
  • Wear Breathable Fabric: Stay cooler and avoid sweating by wearing breathable fabric such as silk, cotton, or wool.
  • Relieve Stress: Stress could be the reason you’re sweating too much. Hence, managing your anxiety and stress could decrease sweating.

By following these few simple steps and being hygienic, you would be able to end your struggle with body odor. Change your clothes, wash them, and watch your diet to always smell like you’re fresh out of the shower. If that doesn’t work, contact your doctor for prescriptions that will help you.

Abbey Dalius

The author Abbey Dalius