Hair oil: 5 different ways to use it & its Benefits

Hair oiling is the practice of pouring oil into hair and massaging it to the scalp to increase moisture, lustre and shine. Hair oil use will help soften the hair, and it provides the vitamins and minerals that get stripped from the frequent washing. This practice has been going to use in India for many centuries, and it is recommended to everyone to practice in daily life.

People have specific techniques for hair oiling, which show effects according. Hair oiling will help to increase hairs quicker.

How to use hair oil in different ways

  • You can use it as a pre-shampoo treatment

You can add your hairs for the regular dealing with dirt and dust throughout the day. From water to colouring your hair to stylish, you can leave your hair like that one. Try to use the hair oils as the pre-shampoo for treatment to help the moisture for hair before washing it. This can help hair retain on its natural oils. For so the apply hair before washing and using the conditioner as well. This is a method for how to apply oil to hair.

  • Using the hair oil for lightweight shine

It is easy to start with the overboard for styling products when you have fine hairs. Fortunately, doing so can weigh the hair down, and it will not look oily even. For using the hair oil of lightweight, make sure that your hair will absorb them. Simple apply a little dime-size amount for the dry stands and then stay away from the roots. Try to focus on applying the hair oils, which ends on the hair instead. In this way, how to use hair oil is described.

  • Hair will help to detangle your curly hairs

When you have curly hair, then you must use hair oil.  Other curly hairs detangle tip is to start at the bottom of the hair and then gently work for a way up. It is going to work with every hair type of hair.

  • Using hair oil to protect against split ends

When you have the hair split ends, it starts the tense to look out for it. The hair oil will help reduce it, and you can quickly get rid of it. You have to use the hair regularly to protect the strands. You can put hair oil over the dry coats or wet as well. Most people use this to get their fascinating hairs back and come back with new hairstyles.

  • DIY a spa treatment

Don’t worry; you don’t have to go to a spa for getting the fancy hair treatment to reap some rewards. Some hair oils are used to recreate for a spa-like experience. Applying hair oil from the root to the tip, then wrap the hair in a towel. After that, leave the hair oil on the 30 minutes, then rinse with cool water. While you are waiting, put on a face mask to make it more soothing.

Benefits of Oiling hair

The benefits of hair oil are mentioned in the following:

  • Oils play a great role in protecting the hairs from the regular dust and dirt. Oiling the hair regularly helps to reduce the hygral fatigue and provides a chill session. The oil protects the scalp from damage. Oil helps in the scalp health, and when people gently massage the scalp, it helps in reducing hair loss.
  • Oil has an affinity for the hair protein which means it will help bind with the proteins, and it can easily penetrate with the hair shaft. So if you want to know how to use indulekha oil, the procedure is the same as other oils.


Regularly hair oil will help to maintain the regular shine of the hairs. Using the hair oils regularly will keep the hairs healthy. Having a low molecular weight, the oil is light, and it can enter the hairs quickly.

Abbey Dalius

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