A Guide to Enhance the Fashionista in You Even In Winters!

When winter is around the corner, and the wardrobe goes through much rummage, an elite woman has a taste for every outfit without compromising the climate anywhere. From hand-knitted sweaters to jackets, depending on the climatic conditions, it also requires subtle changes in fabrics.

Long Winter Coat: The Idea Behind It-

A type of garment that is worn above all the layers of clothes and extends below the knee to balance thermal conditions and keep you warm. When it comes to extreme winters, these are the best choices coupled with gloves and a muffler.

These winter coats vary by their material like Cashmere, Mohair, Flannel, Hemp, Nylon, Faux Fur, etc. Sometimes even cotton materials can be used or polyester, microfibers, etc.

Secrets of a Model- 

Being a fashionista, the best stylish winter coats are military coats, capes, trenches, maxi coats, and long winter coats.

These coats look eternally classic, exotic, and versatile in different color ranges, matching and contrasting with the outfit. Black is the much-preferred color to pull through the whole winter season. Yellow, red, green are other bright colors that automatically attract attention from even across the street and get heads turned.

How to Style:

Can’t flaunt your mini skirt? Not an issue. Flaunt your layers by wrapping them stylishly around the waist to accentuate the curve and show off feminine tailoring. Tighten it with the belt to keep it fixed. Add boots that click around and amazing sophisticated accessories like sleek bracelets, watches, and shades that suit the frame of the face, and voila! A confident young Disney princess on the ramp is ready!

Mufflers or colored scarves can add all the more luxury to the image while keeping you fit and without your shivering teeth.

How to Choose the Right Size:

The hem is supposed to cover the entire wrist to get the best feeling while wearing the jacket. Jackets that have a shorter hemline are not suitable to keep the cold air currents at bay.

Appearance Matters!

Long coats with your work wear are very trendy. Cape coat style is a popular attire that goes well with cigarette pants.

  • Cropped coats can be worn over maxi dresses at parties.
  • Knee-length coats to be coupled with trousers or skirts that are longer than the coat.
  • A neutral-colored trench coat with peplum tops and short skirts is always a go-to option.
  • With boyfriend jeans, you can add a charcoal grey coat and a black tee. All are matched together, leading to a boyish and cute look. Beanie, with heels, adds extra allure.
  • During formal occasions or parties, wearing these long coats with skirts is a bonus for a petite lady.

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Abbey Dalius

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