Let’s Get Into The World Of Fashion…

What do you mean by fashion?

We can express ourselves by fashion at any particular period and time in any specific context, including footwear, clothing, accessories, makeup, and lifestyle. It is according to people’s taste like how they like it and how it suits them. Most people copy or follow the fashion of their famous personality they can be actor, comedian, sportsmen/ women anyone. We can do it as we like, and there are infinite possibilities to style ourselves.

How can fashion help you?

Fashion helps to depict our culture by our cultural dress, advisories, or footwear and we can make them immortal by wearing them. Fashion can also be modern based on the era going on it change with the era and chooses of people like the taste of people of different generation changes with time.

Fashion also helps us know about the person’s personality as in today’s era it is the important component in the course of personality development test as in some of the fields, it is important such as film industry, modelling airlines-related industry, and many more. Fashion is becoming more and more important on social media. The more fashioned people get more views, followers, and likes, and people are crazy after this type of popularity.

1970s fashion

The era of 1970s fashion was labelled as ‘The decade that taste forgot’ as it was moving increases very fast because people like to wear and look different and stylish. As many styles were developed in the 1970s, and some of them were:

  • Street style: the street style was the most convenient and comfortable, and the women were relating it to the most, and in this, you can wear whatever you want to wear, and it’s also homemade, and the style is for you, not for improving others.
  • Electric 1970s fashion: It was for the disco Queen’s with the extraordinary look, alongside women working in tailor suits and was gender-neutral, so it became popular so fast.

As in the 1970s, fashion took a huge turn for men and women, including casual looks, activewear, tailored style, disco look, relax look, swimsuits, pantsuit, hairstyles, different accessories, handbags, and handbags, sunglasses, stocking, gloves, and many more. As with increasing time, fashion is evolving with completely different styles.

Where to buy vintage fashion

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After understanding and knowing about fashion and 1970s fashion, we can now style ourselves in different ways.

Abbey Dalius

The author Abbey Dalius